Purse, a Tine 2.0 client

Tine 2.0 is an open source project which combines groupware and CRM in one consistent interface. Tine 2.0 is web-based and optimises collaboration and organisation of groups in a lasting manner. (source: www.tine20.org)

Being web-based Tine 2.0 needs an ordinary browser as client. While so-called 'rich internet applications' create a true workspace atmosphere within the browser, desktop integration is still missing. Recent approaches for desktop integration are e.g. 'web apps' (also supported by Tine 2.0) but they are still tied into the browser since they are normal websites with a bit of extra metadata. To overcome the barrier between websites and desktops you have to take one step out of your browser, eventually:

Purse is a site-specific browser based on Mozilla's XULRunner which in turn is a browser itself. Within Tine 2.0 you get exactly the feeling you have using Firefox - it's the same engine. But you can have additional functionality which goes beyond the limits of browser.


XULRunner allows interference with DOM and JavaScript of a website very much as Firefox extensions can do. After Tine 2.0 is loaded you can change its appearance and functions without manipulating the original sources. For example you can simulate a click on a button to e.g. open a new mail window or redefine the function which is utilized to show notifications.

On OS-side you can interact with your application by e.g. command line parameters. Since it is a 'single instance' application you can give cli parameters after the initial instance is running, too. See below what you can do:

johannes@linuxpc:~/>./tine2.0 -h
Usage: ./tine2.0 [ options ... ] [URL]
       where options include:


Tine 2.0 specific options

Usage: tine2.0 [APP] [-compose|CONTENT]

Running tine2.0 without any options brings main window to front. If [APP] is
specified but no further argument is given the choosen app panel gets activated.
To open new editor window of [APP] a second argument is madatory. Specifying
[-compose] will open an empty window otherwise default content can be provided
as described below whereas [CONTENT] differs from app to app.

  [APP]              [CONTENT]
  -mail or           Content is expected to be  a rfc 2368 compatible URL, e.g.
  -felamimail        'mailto://user@example.com?subject=Test'.

  -contacts or       Provide path to a vCard file (vcf)

  -calendar          Provide path to a iCal file (ics)

  -tasks             Provide path to a iCal file (ics)

  -logout            Log current user out and close Purse.


Find some screenshots below or visit subpage Screenshots to see more.








OS specific functions and Downloads

Although XULRunner is mostly platform independent some functionality is not. Especially packaging is little different per OS and there are no installers currently.

You can download the platform independent code (aka Purse) below. To use it you need to add XULRunner to it which depends on the OS you are using. I have no Mac OS X available, if you want to add Mac content please contact me.

Purse versions:


I myself am using Linux and Gnome. Fast install instructions (for now)

  1. Download Purse Source above,
  2. Extract it to a directory (app dir)
  3. Download current release of XULRunner
  4. extract content of XULRunner to the directory xulrunner within app dir
  5. mv xulrunner/xulrunner-stub to app dir and rename it to tine2.0


See subpage Windows for instructions on how to package Purse for Windows.

New: Installer for Windows (Version 0.3)


  • Configuration dialog: You can configure your account. Your password will be saved using Mozilla's password manager.
  • Autologin with saved credentials
  • Import of SSL-certifikates and overriding of values (domain, time etc.) via dialog
  • Single instance, re-run the application does not spawn a new process
  • Real desktop notifications (bottom right corner), redirection of messages from inside Tine 2.0 to outside
  • CLI parameter for apps Felamimail, Addressbook, Calendar and Tasks

Privacy notice

Every time you setup a new account or update Purse anonymous usage data will be sent to me after the exact data was prompted to you and you gave your allowance. It is only to keep track of usage, I'm not interested in who you are or what you use Purse for. All I want to know is how many users on how many different systems are using Purse.

Help wanted

If you would like to help developing Purse please contact me. Purse is mostly written in Javascript. I'm especially looking for a Mac OS developer who can test and would do the desktop integration and packaging.

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  • Note to latest Tine 2.0 version "Collin" (2013.10.7):

    Due to "Content Security Policy" (CSP) enabled by latest release, Purse can't interact with the app anymore. You need to disable CSP within xulrunner.

    To do so, go to the program directory and open the file defaults/preferences/prefs.js. To the end of the file add the following line:

    pref("security.csp.enable", false);

    Sorry for the inconvienence but I didn't now a service relaese would change such things.


    Erstellt von Johannes Nohl, 06/06/2014 1:21am (vor 10 Jahre)

  • Seit dem Tine Release Collin (2013.10.7) will Purse nicht mehr. Das Fenster bleibt leer.

    Erstellt von Georg, 28/05/2014 7:54pm (vor 10 Jahre)

  • Hier die Roadmap für ESR:


    Erstellt von Johannes Nohl, 16/05/2014 9:49pm (vor 10 Jahre)

  • @Georg - Version 22 ist definitiv zu wenig. Ich werde das korrigieren. Eigentlich war mein Plan, immer die ESR-Version und die letzte getestete FF-Version zu hinterlegen.

    Das mit dem Plan schaue ich mir mal an.

    Erstellt von Johannes Nohl, 16/05/2014 9:47pm (vor 10 Jahre)

  • Wird es ein Update von Purse geben?
    Momentan wird der XULRunner ja nur bis Version 22 akzeptiert....
    Und in den Adressdetails wird zwar eine Fahne angezeigt, aber keine Karte (Win und Linux).

    Erstellt von Georg, 28/04/2014 7:45pm (vor 10 Jahre)

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to get this running under OSX but my FF is on 26.0.

    I have changed the max version to 26.0 or is this to new ? I get this error on running the app at the moment:

    Trace/BPT trap: 5

    Erstellt von yamakasi.014@gmail.com, 22/12/2013 6:25pm (vor 11 Jahre)

  • Grandiose Software, ist wirklich eine gute Alternative zu Outlook und Thunderbird, speziell in Windows-Umgebungen mit IIS.

    Erstellt von SF, 13/11/2013 2:06pm (vor 11 Jahre)

  • @Sven H. - Ich werde auf jeden Fall daran weiter arbeiten.

    Wenn du dich mit deb oder rpm auskennst, schreib mir doch eine Mail. Wichtig dabei wäre ein Automatismus, um automatisch Pakete anfertigen zu lassen (Skript o.ä.). Und natürlich die Desktop-Integration (Standard-Mail-Client). Und es müsste natürlich unter Linux laufen, selbst den Windows-Installer erstelle ich per Skript unter Linux.


    Erstellt von Johannes Nohl, 01/10/2013 12:58am (vor 11 Jahre)

  • Ein sehr schönes Teil. Entwickelst Du das noch aktiv weiter? Ein Installer bzw. ein .dep / .rpm wären schick. Bei letzterem würd ich auch unterstüzten. :)

    Erstellt von Sven H. , 29/09/2013 4:53pm (vor 11 Jahre)

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