thelab.jpgWelcome to the laboratory

In this section I'd like to share (hopefully) useful things which came accross my way playing the computer. Nothing here is so-called "production ready". But like me you propably start your research for tips and hints by crawling the net. Therefore I'd like to publish those information I take for useful - quid pro quo.

If content needs to be licensed (e.g. source code) you can find adequate license notices within each publication. Please note that this does not affect external information I link to.

If you have questions or want to discuss a topic feel free to use the commentary section below each page (if offered).

My linux stuff, mostly openSUSE 64bit

Although I have some experience with Debian / Ubuntu, my favourite is still openSuse. Lately I'm playing around with arm architecture. Maybe you find some of my Notes to Linux useful.

Unless otherwise marked my notes apply to all major distributions.

Snippets for web designers and web developers

Not much in here by now. I want to collect topics that aren't documented elsewhere or hard to find. Moreover I myself am a lousy designer. It would be a waste of time to enjoy my production stuff only. See my snippets for web design + dev.