Tine 2.0 Purse - Instructions for Windows

You don't need to "install" Purse deep into the system. It is enough to copy the files all together to one directory.

In case permanent errors occur, it may help to delete the data directory. You can find it at:
%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Tine2.0 (XP) or
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Tine2.0 (Vista or newer)

Setting Purse and XULRunner together

Generally you need to go three steps after unpacking Purse to target destination (e.g. C:\Program Files\Tine 2.0 Purse):

  1. Download current version of XULRunner (currently 20.0; newer version may work, too) and extract it into the folder xulrunner of your purse directory (example C:\Program Files\Tine 2.0 Purse\xulrunner). 
  2. Move file xulrunner\xulrunner-stub.exe to the root directory of Purse (in the given example above C:\Program Files\Tine 2.0 Purse\) and rename it to Tine20.exe.
  3. Finally you should give Tine20.exe an icon. This icon will not only be shown when the file itself is displayed (in explorer) it will also be used to decorate the windows in lists (task bar etc.). I recommend downloading reseditor which I tested for this purpose. You can find an appropriate icon in chrome/icons/default/tinepurse.ico.
    a) Open ResourceEditor.exe, go to Menu 'File' / 'Open...' / open Tine20.exe
    b) On Panel Resources click 'Add Resource' / 'Add from file...' / choose tinepurse.ico

To-Do: Make an installer

If you intent to make people their life easier and provide an installer for Tine 2.0 Purse feel free to put all things together.

You can find assistance for packaging XULRunner apps here:

I would be happy to set a link to your installer here.